All about the MedVents...

  • The program started as a section in the Vocational Scouting program at Scouts Canada. The program name was temporally changed to "Themed Scouting " program. It was since renamed back to "Vocational Scouting" .
  • Each group has it's own local sponsor which is typically the local or the regional Paramedic Services or occasionally, a local community group.

Where did we start from?

Our Beginning

  • The Medical Venturer program started in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 1994 During the preparation for the 7th BC/Yukon Jamboree held at Camp Hughes near Prince George in July of 1995 (PJ95) it became clear a large number of first aid and medical personnel would be needed. In searching for a solution, the organizers of the Jamboree ponder if the members of Venturer Companies and Rover Crews in British Columbia could rise to the challenge to provide first aid services for the event. Building on the experiences and lessons learned at CJ'93 the Medical Venturer, MedVent, program was started. Fifty MedVents provided first aid at the camp.
  • A second group was started in Vancouver, British Columbia, 1995 by BC Ambulance Service's Paramedic and Scouter Jeff Watts.

New beginnings

  • In 1999, Toronto EMS (now known as Toronto Paramedic Services) was looking for a community outreach program Four Scouters (Jerry Crawford, Bruce Janes, Dave Ralph and Howard Wheatley) within Toronto Emergency Medical Services approached their Chief, Ron Kelusky, about starting a new Scout group using the Medical Venturer program as their focus.
  • Working closely with Frances Chan (Field Executive, Greater Toronto Council, Scouts Canada) two scouters where recruited (Scouter Doris Cheng and Scouter Jenny Leung) to start up the group. Jerry Crawford was appointed as the Group Commissioner. Bruce Janes was the first aid instructor and the link to the Toronto EMS ' Paramedics
  • Toronto EMS agreed to sponsor a Scout group to be called 1st Downsview Group which became the 1st Downsview Toronto EMS MedVents.
  • As the MedVent program grew, the 1st Downsview MedVents became the driving force behind the program. Through the efforts of a dedicated group of volunteers the MedVent program is now recognized as a fully fledged entity within scouting ensuring a country wide standard of service is adhered to.
  • The Venturer program was used a model for the MedVent program. The program target were youths in the Venturer program.
  • Unexpectedly during the second recruitment drive in the fall of 2000, there was a significant number of youths who were too old to be a Venturer. Instead of turning away potential members, the MedVent program was expanded to include Rovers aged young adults.

Major Milestones

  • With the success of the program with Toronto EMS, other Medical Venturer Companies and Medical Rover Crews began to sprout up in Ontario.
  • The Ottawa MedVents with the assistance of the 1st Downsview MedVents and 1st Windsor MedVent Groups, 15 volunteers were recruited to provide first aid services for the 2005 Central Canadian Jamboree (CCJAM'05) in Mille-Isles, Quebec at the Tamaracouta Scout Reserve.
  • With the success and experience gained at CCJAM'05, 1st Downsview MedVents was approached to spearhead the first aid services for Scouts Canada 100th anniversary's 2007 Canadian Jamboree (CJ'07) at Tamaracouta Scout Reserve. With the assistance of the other Ontario MedVent groups and first aid volunteers from around the world, the MedVents proved they have the ability to provide first aid services for a large camp. This was the first camp in which the medical staff was comprised only of Scouts Canada members. Our Doctors, Paramedics, MedVents and first aiders proved we have the ability to combine MedVents from various MedVents groups to form one cohesive medical team. The members of the MedVent program, with some non-MedVent members, now provide first aid services to Scouts Canada at all major Jamborees or camps.
  • After these two successful camps, Medical Venturer companies and Medical Rover Crews began to sprout across Canada, including the migration of the program back westward to BC.
  • The Venturer and Rover sections where the MedVent program is implemented, are currently the fastest growing sections in Scouts Canada.

Return To The Beginnings

  • In 2011 members of the 1st Downsview MedVents were invited to attend the 2011 Pacific Jamboree (PJ’11) at Camp Byng located in Roberts Creek, British Columbia as Offer of Service volunteers for the camp's Emergency Services team. This marked the first time MedVents were back in the Province of British Columbia.
  • Within a year of the Jamboree, a new MedVent group was started up in Edmonton, Alberta
  • Three new MedVent groups in British Columbia soon followed.

Other notable events

For more information check the websites of the regional groups that are listed under "Groups".

This history was compiled with information provided by Scouters: John Chin, Jeff Watts and Chris Fletcher.